VID23 Series Transparents Shaft Stepper Motor


VID23 is a precise stepping motor of patent design. It is specially designed with transparent pointer shaft, pointer lumination intensity is superior to tranditional way. It also bring cost reduction in saving number of LEDs.
VID23 with a gear reduction ratio of 1/180. It’s mainly used in dashboard instrumentation or other digital indicator equipments, to transfer digital signals directly and accurately to analog display output.
VID23 is driven by 2 sequent logic pulse signals. It can be driven in 5V ~ 10V providing shaft stepping angle resolution 1/12°. The pointer can move with a speed more than 400Hz.


■ Transparent Pointer Shaft.
■ Superior illumination intensity.
■ Compatible with LED PLCC-2 Package.
■ High speed rotation: 400Hz.
■ High μ-step resolution: 1/12°.
■ Wide working temperature: - 40 ~ 105℃.
■ Low current consumption: less than 20mA, 5V, 2X100mW.
■ Extremely robust construction: Ф30mm X 7.6mm.
■ Long lifetime: in 200Hz, constant working up to 5000Hrs.
■ Directly driven by a μ-controller.

VID23 Series Transparents Shaft Stepper Motor DIMENSIONS: